Monthly SEO Service for Serious Growth

If you are serious about growing your web presence & organic traffic, a monthly SEO service is the most efficient way

Monthly SEO Service for Serious Growth

What advantages do Monthly SEO Services provide?

Monthly SEO Reports & Strategies

Imagine seeing the progress of your website's growth strategy payoff month after month. SEO Reports reveal potential red flags, fixes, and the strategies we are implementing to increase your site traffic.

Time & Resource Efficiency

Monthly SEO saves money over time by eliminating the time it takes to prepare the next stage of optimizations. By performing monthly work on your website, we are better informed & prepared to build upon last months strategies.

Algorithm Update Preparation

Google is constantly updating their "rules" for websites. In the last 2 years we have been through the Meta Title-apocalypse and Google's new analytics (GA4) rollout. Monthly SEO services are essential to stay competitive in the ever changing landscape of Search Engine Algorithms.

What can you expect with a monthly SEO service?

Monthly Keyword Research & Implementation
Competitor Analysis
Service Pages - Building & Optimizing
Google Business Profile Optimization
Long Term Growth Strategies that Compound

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Costs & Competitive Advantage of Tall Town Design's Monthly SEO Services

Rates are $100 Per Hour. Billed as a monthly service. No contracts or commitments required.
Small: 2-3 hours per month
Medium: 4-10 hours per month
Large: 11+ hours per month