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Making your website more awesome for humans and bots

Search Engine Optimization

It's more than a few keywords on a landing page

At its core, SEO is about generating leads and revenue by helping your website perform better in organic Google Search.

Google’s goal is simple, to make money. The search engine does this by providing great search results over and over again. This in turn keeps its users consistently coming back to search for more intent targeted information.

Ultimately, they are hoping for visitors to click their Ads, a big profit center for Google.

By helping your website provide a positive user experience (great/trustworthy content), along with making sure your website is friendly for Google from a technical perspective (finding/processing content), then Google will want to send users to your website over your competitors.

Web Dev

Building websites

Website Development

Bringing your brand to life

Why re-invent the wheel? Website builder tools today can provide a high quality website in a relatively short amount of time.

If you're thinking about building a new website, consider what your needs are first, and don't re-invent the wheel.

If a tool lets you build a custom website quickly, that meets your needs, then why spend the money on a custom coded website?

Providing a great users experience starts to become more difficult for many drag-and-drop website builders.

Tall Town has been using a website builder called Webflow for over 3 years. It's a win-win-win on all fronts. Fast to build with, good for UX and provides a solid foundation in SEO.

Design / UX

Often neglected :(

Design & User Experience

Send your target audience down the conversion funnel

Design and user experience (UX) is the frosting on top of the cake for any website.

Showing the right Design and UX that resonates with your target audience at the right time, is what will take your potential customer and/or client down the conversion funnel.

Another core aspect is well written copy that answers or addresses the concerns of your audience that encourages a new sale or client.

Are you sure you want to know more about us? ok ok......

About Tall Town

Connor Talbott
SEO / Front-end Web Dev
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Colton James Townsend
Advisor / Former Co-Owner
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Sam Stebbins
Content Specialist
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Tall Town was founded by childhood friends Connor Jon Talbott and Colton James Townsend in early 2015.

Out of the gate, the agency had a heavy focus in website design.

It quickly became clear, however, that it takes more than a well designed website to help businesses make money online.

Stepped in the high focus on Search Engine Optimization, which helps websites attract customers and clients through organic Google Search.


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John F Schuster Ecommerce
Founder of John F Schuster Ecommerce

Trusted experts who know how to use search engine optimization to grow your business.

Beth B.
Founder of floo-id YOGA

I highly recommend them!! Connor created a campaign to increase my online social media presence and it blew up in the first couple of hours!  That's a good problem to have if you a small business like me! They are honest, hardworking, responsible and creative to name a few :) If you want more online presence or want to improve your social media these are your guys :)

Stephanie Sparks Smith
Founder of Cogwheel Marketing


Leah Knoll
Founder of Strategy 3°

I have been working with Connor from Tall Town since 2016.  I have always been completely satisfied with his work and the high level of communication he provides.  His reporting is thorough and he is consistently staying on top of the latest trends in SEO.  It's obvious he loves what he does, which I think is a very important quality when it comes to who you work with.  I highly recommend!

Andy Conner
The Genesis Project

From the time Connor came on board with our website developmental team he has taken GP to new heights of professionalism in terms of design and accessibility. Connors IT or web skills are not limited to one or two areas, he has helped GP from start to finish and everywhere in between. He has also trained our team to make the IT changes needed on a daily, weekly, and longterm basis. We are blessed to have him and would recommend his services to anyone needing his assistance.

John F Schuster Ecommerce
Founder of John F Schuster Ecommerce

Trusted experts who know how to use search engine optimization to grow your business.

John F Schuster Ecommerce
Founder of John F Schuster Ecommerce

Trusted experts who know how to use search engine optimization to grow your business.

Richard Geasey
Adjoint University of Washington Professor

I know Connor personally and he was generous enough to help me and a friend out with the some training on how to use Google Analytics.

He also checked under the covers to uncover some flaws in our website, and suggestions on how to fix them. If you want to improve the performance of your online presence be sure to contact Connor! I do ;-)

Therese Molina Allen
Owner at Aesthetic Specialists

Small businesses like mine need your services especially during this unprecedented time. Thank you for helping me double my sales within a week of our first session. This was a really good investment!

Maureen Brady
Owner of Maureen Brady OT

I recently took on the task of attempting to develop my own website.  I had no idea how involved SEO would be.  I was thrilled to find
Connor Talbott.  He responded quickly and not only addressed SEO but also reviewed my site and gave me many tips on how I could make improvements.  After our meetings he sent me additional links that have continued to help me understand this involved undertaking.  I highly recommend Connor.

Joanna Wiebe
Founder of Copyhackers

In a relatively short time, Connor's done an incredible job of coaching our digital marketing team through the ins and outs of organic search performance. Between walking our promotions manager through backlinks to actively participating in our website redesign to pointing out SEO opportunities in his monthly reports and on the fly, he's come to feel like a member of the team.

Nick Dimitrove
Founder of Amazon Bound

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how impressed I am by your work. This stuff is absolutely gold! I am delighted, sir.

Desiree Jones
Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes

We hired TallTown to oversee the SEO optimization and technical management of our website over a year ago. This has allowed us to stay up to date on security and accessibility standards and we have since made numerous fixes and improvements to our site! It is wonderful to have a go-to person to answer our questions as they arise and promptly address any emergency fixes or needs that have come up. We look forward to continuing to optimize our website to improve our reach and better serve our clients in the new year with TallTown!

Heather M Perate
Old Town Insurance Group

Great experience with Connor. He is knowledgeable and very easy to work with! He took the pressure of getting my website ready! I highly recommend working with his company.

Kahla Harrington
Owner of Align Massage Therapy

I recently worked with Connor at Tall Town Design in creating my website. The whole process from start to finish was incredibly pleasant and fast. He chatted with me via zoom to help generate ideas of what to include on the website before we even began. He even patiently facilitated in my learning of how to navigate the template portion so I could later create my own content. Being able to link my eCommerce that was previously established to my site was a huge plus! He is very knowledgeable about all aspects of web design, SEO, and how to generate income. I have and will continue to recommend Connor to anyone and everyone who will listen.

Pete Kinkead
Representative of ANPC

I had a consultation with Connor regarding Google Analytics and my site's user experience. He was extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. He provided me with some tools to radically improve my company's online presence.

Nikki ElbaZ
Freelancer with Nikki*Elbaz

Wow. Totally blown away by the depth and breadth of my consult with Connor. I knew my site wasn't optimized for SEO and to be honest, I didn't really care. It feels like so much work to rank, but I had no idea how many easy-fix things were impacting even our basic search-ability. I got so much clarity on what we should prioritize... how to make those changes... what tools to use and how much they cost... cherry on top things that weren't necessary but could make a big impact... SO MUCH value. I'll be recommending Connor to anyone with a website.