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Connor Talbott

By Colton James Townsend

Connor and I go way, way back in time. All the way to the 1st grade, at least. He was always a grade above me throughout school. That is, until we both were students at Washington State University! Then, I was holding my expensive diploma first. Apparently his degree in Astrophysics was decently harder to earn than my plain ol' International Business degree.

Whoa. There is literally so much history I could bring to bear to the public here, but let's all save the embarrassment.Connor is has to be one of the hardest working and most dedicated people I know. Most of us need some external pressure to keep deadlines, march through unpleasant tasks, and volunteer for a position no one else wants to own. Connor surpasses the norm in all regards!

President Connor, is how he should be referred to. He's president of the company Tall Town design, he's president of his local Rotary Club, and he's president of a local Professional Networking Non-Profit group, The Seattle Search Network.