Colton  James Townsend

Digital Content Strategy - Walla Walla, WA

About Colton James Townsend

By Connor Talbott

Colton and I met in school. By "school", I am referring to 1st grade. Well sorta, I was in 1st grade and he was in Kindergarten.

It started off like most relationships then; Tag was a very competitive game.

I could now tell you about our adventures in Jr. High, High school and even College. But I don't have nearly enough characters left in this small text box to tell those stories. To the main part of this story...

...we also started a business together. 

Colton has been a huge part of what Tall Town is today, he did all the stuff I couldn't stand doing. Taxes, for example. Sooooo horrible. Basically he did all the painful projects that I couldn't stand (but were super important for running a business).

Yet somehow he also continued to dedicate time to his clients and projects. Read the review by Desiree Jones on the home page off Tall Town, that was all him.

The ending of this story is bittersweet. While I'm sad that he is no longer a part owner of Tall Town, I'm excited to see him start his own business that inspires him in the way Tall Town couldn't. 

Colton James Townsend is a great Walla Walla copywriter (see how I worked that keyword in there, Colton?) among many other creative talents that I'm sure will allow him to help his clients succeed. What I know without a doubt, is Colton goes the extra mile for those around him. 

I'm also sooo glad that Colton continues to remain a part of my life. 

26 years and counting.