What is a Meta Title Analysis

Winston Smith breaks down what a Meta Title Analysis is and why they have been important to do recently.

February 2, 2022
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Your meta titles and descriptions are what entices someone on google search to click to your web page.  

Google has recently changed their approach for meta titles and it sent shock waves through the SEO community who dubbed this change as “Titlepocalypse”. This change is Google’s more hands on approach at changing meta titles to something their AI believes to be ‘better’ is understandably concerning, especially if they are changing meta titles to something that is not actually being advertised, or worse turning potential customers away. 

One important factor to protect against Google’s AI, is to make sure that the H1 headers on the page match up with the meta title and it is especially important to add the specific location for local businesses to the H1 titles when applicable. 

Quick Notes for Meta Titles and Google (source)

  • Sweet spot is between 51-60 characters
  • Google rewrote 77% of [bracketed] material while only 60% (parenthesis) 
  • Dashes as separators, Google rewrote and completely removed the dashes 19.7% of the time and pipes 41.0% of the time - more than double
  • Google considers H1 tags when rewriting meta titles
  • Matching h1 to title diminishes the amount of rewrites DRAMATICALLY 

The H1 tag plays a big role in determining rewrites from Google. It is recommended that local pages should include the city name in the page title, header and body text (within reason).

Winston Smith

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